Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park Celebrates 1 Year!


The Roads Scholarship Fund for Research and Travel 2018 recipients


The Roads Scholarship Fund for Research and Travel supports the advancement of scholarship in the rich genre of art environments, explored in Better Homes & Gardens: Vernacular Art Environments, an Art History course at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, taught by Lisa Stone. Students who complete the course submit proposals to experience a site or sites in the genre of vernacular art environments. The 2018 Roads Scholarship recipients have been annouced! 


2018 Roads Scholarship recipients:

Miseon Kim will visit art environments in Wisconsin, and spend a few days in Valton, at Ernest Hüpeden’s The Painted Forest.  “When I was introduced about the Painted Forest, I was shocked because I have…never seen anything like that. Even from photographs, I could feel life of the artist and the time he existed…I believe that paintings are living creatures and I have to meet them in person to really experience the energy. With my art practice, I ask a question, “what is life?” …I have a feeling that experiencing Hüpeden’s work and life in Valton would give me the answer to the question.


Sophie Leddick will travel to Halifax to visit the Nova Scotia Art Gallery to see Maud Lewis’ house; to Digby, to see the replica; and to Cape Forchu and other locales to film places Lewis painted. “In my work I explore the relationship between the internal and the external. I am drawn to places of liminality, landscapes that breath, break, and fragment the way memory does. A friend of mine who lived in Nova Scotia described it as a place that has a “death memory.” I’m thinking about what is lodged in the materiality of landscape and how it influenced Maud Lewis’s life and work.”


Jeremy Sublewski will travel to Niagara Falls, New York, to the home of Prophet Isaiah Robertson “and begin a discourse regarding the power one has to develop biblical text into an original dogma that transcends the traditions set by large religious institutions. We will also discuss the relationship his work has to the homes of Latinx people in the Midwest, and how one goes about developing domestic settings of worship and ritual. I will document my encounter with Prophet Isaiah by recording audio and by taking photographs.”


Jane Thompson will travel to Mary Nohl’s house (Fox Point, WI) and Noah Purifoy’s Desert Museum (Joshua Tree, CA). “I envision Noah Purifoy and Mary Nohl as spiritual siblings in the extended family of non-traditional artists, each building and curating with materials on hand as a response to their environment. Both adopted lifestyles that defied the cultural norms for black men or white women. While their deepest making impulses seemed similar, their environments and modes of activism differed.”



The Roads Scholarship Fund for Research and Travel  has awarded 59 scholarships since 2002.

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Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park Celebrates 1 Year!
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