Francesco Cusumano, Villaggio don Luigi Sturzo [The Village of Don Luigi Sturzo]

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Some of the works remain extant in private or museum collections.

About the Artist/Site

Born in Caltaigirone, the farmer Cusumano fought in Africa during the war, and then he emigrated to Milan and later to France. Back in his home town in 1970, he had a dream that inspired him to create a space dedicated to his ancestors known as the Village of Don Luigi Sturzo. Working in stone he created numerous busts and figures mounted on pedestals of tuf limestone and other stones. He also created terra cotta pottery, paintings, and used driftwood for other sculptures.

In 1982 Cusumano met Domenico Amoroso, director of Caltagirone’s municipal museum, who promised to support his works in situ. However, the Village was later destroyed because it was in the projected path of a road charted out in the urban plan. While the road was never realized, most of the works were moved; some of them remain extant in private or museum collections.

~Gabriele Mina

Map and site information

Not Exact Address
Caltagirone, Sicilia, Italy
Latitude/Longitude: 37.238093 / 14.512607

Visiting Information

Some of the works remain extant in private or museum collections.


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