Roberto Albertelli, La Terra Santa [The Holy Land]

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About the Artist/Site

Albertelli, a former Telecom technician, began creating a model of the Holy Land at his home, in a large area of 200 square meters (about 2153 square feet). He invested some €30,000 on cement, resin, acrylic paint, and crystals, and, following historical plans of biblical sites, tried to recreate his vision. In addition to these purchased materials, he used took rocks secretly taken from the area of the crucifixion at Golgotha, from the Annunciation site in Nazareth, and from the Grotto in Bethlehem to make his model more realistic.

On the exterior he also added the Way of the Cross, at 520 meters (1706 feet, just under a mile) the same length as the original in Jerusalem, and erected an illuminated cross 7.38 meters (over 24 feet) high, in the tradition of the “glorious crosses.”

Despite the religious subject matter, he was cited for building permit violations, abuse of popular belief, and disturbing the peace. However, he was acquitted after his trial, so every Friday night he walks the Stations of the Cross that he constructed with twenty of his friends.

~Giada Carraro

Map and site information

Not Exact Address
Castrocaro Terme e Terra del Sole, Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Latitude/Longitude: 44.168547 / 11.920522


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