Silvano Zandegiacomo, La Casa di Pinta [The Painted House]

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About the Artist/Site

Zandegiacomo had wanted to be a painter, and to follow his brother to Switzerland to attend the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera. However, because he contracted tuberculosis he had to abandon this dream, and went to live in Auronzo di Cadore, where he was treated for his illness and where he also took some classes for patients who would live there for an extended period of time. Here he began to paint, while he also worked as a shoemaker. He transformed the communal house where he lived with his family into a store-laboratory; here, he drew and painted, inspired by natural subjects. He worked on the exterior façade of the house as well: decorative elements, landscapes, and representations of animals welcomed his few customers.

Since the artist’s death the house has been abandoned, and the exterior paintings have faded and have become discolored. It is anticipated that it will continued to degrade over time.

~Giada Carraro

Map and site information

19 Via Zardus
Auronzo di Cadore, Veneto, Italy
Latitude/Longitude: 46.55074 / 12.43866


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