'Sublime Spaces' Exhibition at the Fowler Museum at UCLA

April 12-September 6, 2015
Fowler Museum at UCLA
308 Charles E Young Dr N Los Angeles, CA 90024 (map)
'Sublime Spaces' Exhibition at the Fowler Museum at UCLA
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Jo Farb Hernández is the director of the Thompson Art Gallery at San José State University and of the Spaces archives. She began studying art environments in 1974. In the course of this project, she crisscrossed Spain from 2000 to 2014, traveling tens of thousands of kilometers to meet and interview the artists and document their work. She is also the author of the accompanying volume Singular Spaces.

This exhibition presents photographs by Jo Farb Hernández documenting the monumental art environments of eight self-taught artists from across Spain. Comprised of intriguing and idiosyncratic sculptures, gardens, and buildings, the sites developed organically without formal architectural or engineering plans. Often highly fanciful and colorful, they are frequently characterized by incongruous juxtapositions. This is the result of the artists finding inspiration in their surroundings and making do with what is available. The creative process of these artists is always ongoing and improvisational, and the spaces they create are at once evolving and complete.

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