Fred Scruton in "Assembled Visions" Exhibition at the Erie Art Museum

November 28, 2015-March 26, 2016
Erie Art Museum
411 State Street, Erie, PA 16501
Fred Scruton in "Assembled Visions" Exhibition at the Erie Art Museum
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November 28, 2015 through March 26, 2016 at the Erie Art Museum: “Assembles Visions” explores the creative process by bringing together the varied work of four regional artists, including SPACES friend Fred Scruton, dynamic photographer of many the great art environments in the US and beyond.

Assembled Visions includes the work of four regional artists: Shelle BarronGeoffrey BeadleTerry McKelvey, and Fred Scruton. Rather than having a single ‘moment of inspiration,’ artists typically engage in a complex open-ended process, where a series of experiments and the aggregation of choices made produce an unexpected outcome. Barron designs and prints her own digital imagery for raw material, and then cuts and pastes it by hand into a new re-contextualized whole with multiple layers of meaning and material. Beadle’s paintings collage the layers of private spaces onto a two-dimensional picture-plane of uniquely stylized figures suspended in emotion. McKelvey breaks down three-dimensional reality into painterly planes of light and color while rendering figures of disquieting ambiguity. Scruton, a photographer, travels extensively throughout the country to document mostly ‘outsider’ artists and the art environments they often build around themselves. The exhibition includes videos of the artists discussing their working methods. Artworks and art environments are conceptually and physically constructed by their makers, and Assembled Visions celebrates both the process and the products of that journey. Visitors are invited to simply enjoy the results and interpret the meaning on their own terms.

Erie Art Museum • November 28, 2015 through March 26, 2016
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