Exposition: Armand Schulthess au Tessin (Tocino, Switzerland)

March 18-June 16, 2016
Italian Switzerland's Museum of Art (the MASI)
Exposition: Armand Schulthess au Tessin (Tocino, Switzerland)
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Armand Schulthess, creator of an encyclopedic garden


March 18th in Lugano, Lucienne Peiry inaugurates a show devoted to the Swiss Art Brut artist Armand Schulthess, creator of a fabulous garden. The retrospective is set in the Ticino, the very region where Schulthess built up his highly singular work of art.


Visitors to this show will see creations and photographs visualizing this supreme art work, and a documentary film representing the only existing evidence of this creation.


The show is to be mounted in Lugano, at Italian Switzerland’s Museum of Art (the MASI), March 19 - June 16, 2016.



At the age of 50, Armand Schulthess left his job as a civil servant with the Federal Department of Economic Affairs to take up residence in the Ticino.

From then on, Schulthess would devote himself to transforming the 18,000 square meters of his private garden into a fantastical world, a poetic labyrinth true to his artistic, philosophical and scientific obsessions.


For more information, visit the website of Lucienne Peiry:

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