SWITZERLAND: Bonhomme Art Brut Book Fair in Geneva!

April 27-May 14, 2016
Bonhomme, Geneva, Switzerland
 SWITZERLAND: Bonhomme Art Brut Book Fair in Geneva!
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SWITZERLAND: Bonhomme Art Brut Book Fair in Geneva!

Lucienne Peiry will dedicate her book, Bonhomme d’Art Brut/The Figure in Art Brut, which appears in both English and French, at the stand of Thierry Magnier publishers, at the Geneva (Switzerland) book fair, on Wednesday, April 27, from 3 – 5 pm and on Friday, April 29, from 4 to 6 pm. Call +33 1 44 83 80 00 for further information. This book includes work on a variety of well-known international artists.


Bonhomme d’Art Brut au salon du livre à Genève!

Si d’aventure, vos pas vous mènent au Salon du livre à Genève, faites un saut au stand Payot où Lucienne Peiry dédicace son livre

Bonhomme d’Art Brut, paru en bilingue (français-anglais), aux éditions Thierry Magnier, à Paris.

mercredi 27 avril, de 15 à 17h
vendredi 29 avril, de 16 à 18h

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