April 1, 2017
Champ de Mars
26000 Valence, France (map)
More Information:

What will you make?
With the big (Re)creations event, Valence, the capital of the Drôme region in France, pays homage to Facteur Cheval and encourages all kinds of creations. Young and old come together on Saturday, April 1, from 11:30 at the Champ de Mars in Valence.
The program will include workshops, an improbable parade, the game “The Grand Tour of the Postman,” and an exhibition about other builders of imaginary palaces…
Also, don’t miss a conference about art brut at the Museum in Valence.
And to crown it all, take in the play “Celestial Homage to Ferdinand Cheval,” created by the fabulous troupe Trans Express. We’ll be there!
Details of the events are found on the internet site of the City of Valence.

This event is being held from 11:30am - 7:30pm. Entrance is free.

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