Party in Paradise!

September 29, 2018
Howard Finster's Paradise Gardens
200 North Lewis Street, Summerville, GA 30747 (map)
Party in Paradise!
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Party at Paradise

Embrace Paradise! And support us in our annual fall fundraiser!

Calling all art lovers, Finster Fans, movers, shakers, wanderers and YOU..

Howard Finster had a mission…  In  his words “The world began as a beautiful Garden and I thought it should end with one” so Howard created this incredible hodgepodge of wonderment, art and beauty.  Howard took the things we threw away… he put them together by night and by day… they were washed by rain and dried by the sun and now they are a million pieces all in one place….

And now you get the opportunity to be a part of sustaining this place… Howard’s place…  the place that inspired rock stars and starving artists… poets and people from every walk of life… this place that people have drawn their inspiration from for years and years…    Now YOU get to  share in this moment that will preserve this Garden until as Howard said “the world should end with one.”  We know that some might say that’s a lofty goal, but we know all things are possible when we come together for a common cause.

Howard, a man of vision said it so simply…  “Someday, sometime, people on this planet are going to realize that they need what Howard Finster’s got, whether it’s religion, whether it’s art or whether it’s building a garden.”

Now you are asking yourself?  How can I help? For one thing you can be a part of an incredible event even if you cannot attend.  What? you must be asking yourself.  No! Really you can participate from home by joining our incredible auction that is going on right now.  Just follow the link below and you will be able to bid on some incredible items.   Also, YOU can attend the party too.  Just follow the link below and sign up for a night of inspiration.



This years celebration of Paradise Garden will include an amazing selection of local cuisine presented as a progressive dinner throughout the wondering paths and landscapes that are perfectly illuminated.  After a meal of the best samplings possible you can experience LIVE BLUEGRASS MUSIC on the grounds.

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