European Outsider Art Conference 2019: E-Quality

May 24-26, 2019
Stockholm, Sweden
12112, Rålambsvägen 12, 112 59 Stockholm, Sweden (map)
More Information:
25.-26. May 2019 by INUTI in Sala and Stockholm, SE
The conference on the topic “Ǝ Quality” will continue the emphasis on “The Artist´s Voice”
It will explore who decides what is good art and for what reasons and what is meant by ‘quality’ in outsider art. The conference will also focus on artists’ rights and the importance and challenge of building equality in the art world and how can we support inclusion. According to Inuti, the prerequisite for this is to create equal opportunities for all artists making our culture richer for all. We hope our conference E-Quality can be a tool for important discussions about quality in Outsider Art and equality in the wider art world.


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