Dinosaur HillDean Plank (1945 - 2020)




Hickey Township, Arkansas, 72846, United States

Visiting Information

The sculptures are viewable from the road.

About the Artist/Site

Dinosaur Hill (titled by visitors) is a collection of scrap metal sculptures by Dean Plank (1945–2020), including dinosaurs, a snake, a chicken, a bear, and more installed near the side of Highway 164 between Hagarville and Bullfrog Valley, Arkansas. The sculptures are on private property, but they’re visible from the road. According to Plank’s obituary, he was “a natural born artist who enjoyed creating life size dinosaurs out of scrap metal.” 

If you have more information about this environment, please reach out to info@spacesarchives.org.


scrap metal

Map & Site Information

Hickey Township, Arkansas, 72846 us

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