Baldasare Forestiere, Underground Gardens

Business card for Aaron Gallup, CA Dept of Parks and Rec

Info about termination of Underground Gardens lease, 1986

Letter to James Stockton & Associates from SPACES/Seymour Rosen, 9/30/1986

Letter to John Grey, Preserve Bottle Village Committee, 2/8/1983

note from Lindsay Kefauver, 7/18/1985

postcard to SPACES/Seymour Rosen from Lindsay Kefauver, 7/15/1985

picture return record, 8/28/1985

Letter from SPACES/Seymour Rosen, 7/22/1985

Letter to Rene di Rosa from SPACES/Seymour Rosen, 1/4/1983

invitation to dedication of Underground Gardens, 10/12/1979