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SPACES is dedicated to the study, documentation, and preservation of art environments and self-taught artistic activity.

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Seymour's Darkroom: Shaped Buildings

04 / 3 / 2024

In 1976, Seymour Rosen’s photographs were exhibited at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. That groundbreaking exhibition, commissioned by SFMOMA …

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50 Years in the Field: Jo Farb Hernández and Singular Spaces II

03 / 19 / 2024

Jo Farb Hernández took on the enormous task of stepping into the role of SPACES Director following the death of Founder Seymour Rosen in 2006. She ove…

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Out of Office: Oklahoma and Kansas

01 / 17 / 2024

This past August, I had the great honor of joining the “Totem as Monument & Archive” workshop and lecture series organized by artist/conservator Erin …

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Although primarily known as a documentary photographer, Rosen explored his creativity by casting a wide net; among other genres, he produced photograms, happenings, installation art, and a broad range of photographic expression. Take a look at his artwork here!


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