Brother Joseph Zoettl, Ave Maria Grotto

Timeline of Joseph Zoettl's life and Ave Maria Grotto, 11/28/1986

Letter to Al Head, Alabama State Council on the Arts from SPACES/Seymour Rosen, 1/30/1986

National Register of Historic Places Inventory-Nomination Form, 5/23/1983

Ave Maria Grotto Self-Guided Tour Pamphlet

Sketch Map of Ave Maria Grotto

Timeline of Joseph Zoettl's LIfe and Ave Maria Grotto, 1/27/1988

Letter to Linda Bayer From SPACES/Cynthia Pansing

Letter to Ellen Mertins, Alabama Historical Commission from SPACES/Seymour Rosen, 2/19/1985

Letter to Augustine (sic) Campion, Director of Grotto Operations from SPACES/Seymour Rosen, 7/30/1984

Letter to SPACES/Seymour Rosen from Linda Bayer, Perservation Planner, City of Huntsville, 1/6/1984