Dr. Charles Smith, African-American Heritage Museum and Black Veterans Archive

Memo with contact info for Dr. Smith site

Email to revin fellows and creola alfalileh from Jo Farb Hernandez, 10/25/2007

Card for "Straight at the Heart: Charles Smith's African-American Heritage Museum" exhibition, 1/18/1995

Letter to SPACES/Seymour Rosen from Stephanie C. Battle, Wright Museum of Art, 4/20/2000

Info about "Straight at the Heart" exhibition

Exhibition Plan for "Straight at the Heart"

Description of artworks by Charles Smith, 9/10/1994

Transcription of audio with Charles Smith

Email to SPACES/Jo Farb Hernandez from Lisa Stone and Don Howlett, 7/11/2009

Press Release: Black History Lessons at Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art, 2020