Edward James, Las Pozas

Letter from Avery Danziger to Bud Goldstone, 4/25/2000

Letter to John James Oddy, The Getty Grant Program from Bud Goldstone, 4/28/2000

Letter to Bud Goldstone

invoice for Deskscan II, 5/26/1998

Architecture and Engineering Report for Las Pozas, 1/27/1999

Letter to Miguel Angel Corzo from Fernando Silva Nieto, 6/19/1998

Fax from Avery Danziger to Bud Goldstone, 6/17/1998

Letter from Miguel Angel Corzo from Eudoro Fonseco Yerena, 6/17/1998

Letter to Bud Goldstone from Giora Solar, The Getty, 12/15/1998

Memorandum of Agreement, 5/8/1998