Isaiah Zagar, The Magic Garden + over 100 mosaic murals on buildings

Business card for Isaiah Zagar

Postcard for Isaiah Zagar exhibit

Postcard to SPACES/Seymour Rosen, 1989

Tiling and Grouting the Zagar Method

Email thread between SPACES/Jo Farb Hernandez and Erin DeCou, PA's Magic Gardens, 6/24/2008

Letter to Erin DeCou, PA Magic Gardens from SPACES/Jo Farb Hernandez, 1/20/2009

Letter to Isaiah Zagar from SPACES, 7/13/1987

Isaiah Zagar's thoughts on exhibition, 6/1/1989

Letter from John Maizels to Len Davidson, 9/3/2001

Fax and cover sheet from Allison Weiss to SPACES/Seymour Rosen, 5/27/2004