Jack Ellsworth, Rock Gardens

Letter to Mr. Anif from Regina Jorgenson, 9/7/1983

Xerox of postcard to Robt. Amft from R. Jorgenson, 1/18/1984

handwritten letter to Robert (Amft?) from Eddie and Nettie Town, 6/12/1984

Handwritten letter to Bob from Eddie and Nettie Town

Letter to Bob Amft from Jim Blubaugh, MN Daily Journal, 2/1/1984

Death Certificate for Jack Ellsworth, 7/19/1974

Letter to Bob Amft from Paul A. Anderson, 8/6/1984

Handwritten letter to Bob Amft from Pearl H. Davis, 6/22/1984

Letter to Bob Amft from R. Jorgenson, 6/7/1984

Letter to Robert Amft from Michael Braley, US National Park Service