John Greco, Holyland U.S.A.

Draft of letter to Joan (?) regarding preservation of Holy Land. Includes petition, 7/28/1988

Letter to SPACES/Seymour Rosen from Margorie Trachtenberg, 8/21/1988

Letter to Robert Bishop, Museum of American Folk Art from Marjorie Trachtenberg, Committee to Save John Greco's Holy Land U.S.A., 8/10/1988

Flyer with list of CT newspaper contact info to help preserve Holy Land

Letter from Joanne Girard, 7/18/1988

Volunteer form for Holy Land

Letter to SPACES/Seymour Rosen from Margorie Trachtenberg

Flyer to request support for CT representatives for preservation of Holy Land

Memo about Bruce Dern, Sister Angela Bula, and Archbishop John Whealan

Letter to Michael Fitzsousa, Waterbury Republican from SPACES/ Seymour Rosen, 12/22/1986