Cypress Swamp Driftwood Family MuseumAdam Morales (1947 - 2019)




Pierre Part, Louisiana, 70339, United States

About the Artist/Site

A now-defunct operation, the Cypress Swamp Driftwood Family Museum was a collection of driftwood sculptures created by Adam Morales on his property in Pierre Part, Louisiana. The driftwood creatures were brought to life with small, yellow eyes, ranging in subject matter from bigfoot to the statue of liberty, though abstract little critters like owls and birds were a popular motif.

Morales passed away in 2019 following a battle with cancer. According to his children who still operate his facebook page, Morales’ larger sculptures such as the Twin Towers and Noah’s Ark have been donated to the Pierre Part Belle River Museum. At least for a few years after his death, Morales’ children continued the operation of the Cypress Swamp Driftwood Family Museum, selling the remaining sculptures and driftwood. Until the majority of Morales’ work goes on display at the new upcoming Pierre Part Belle River Museum building, his driftwood creations can still be seen as part of private collections as well as featured in the American Visionary Art Museum. 

~Nikki Ranney, 2023






Map & Site Information

Pierre Part, Louisiana, 70339 us
Latitude/Longitude: 29.9652016 / -91.2031593

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