Il monumento di AgenoreAgenore Fabbri (1923 - 2012)

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Related to and carrying the same name as the great Agenore Fabbri (his father was a cousin of the artist), Fabbri comes from generations of master blacksmiths. After a lifetime of work continuing this profession, around 2000 he began to forge wrought iron figures and animals instead of the more functional works he had concentrated on up until this time.

He built a monument that included several different characters, including a Nazi soldier, in memory of a neighbor who had been killed by the Germans in 1944; there are also faces and fanciful animals, and he even incorporated some of the characteristic tools of the blacksmith. Many of the works are painted either in whole or in part.

After Fabbri’s death the property was mostly dismantled, although some figures remain in the workshop, where Fabbri’s son Ferrero now works, and some decorations remain on the gates.

~Gabriele Mina


wrought iron

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Via Ponte dei Bini
Ponte dei Bini, Toscana, 51031 it
Latitude/Longitude: 43.8774687 / 11.0121659




Via Ponte dei Bini, Ponte dei Bini, Toscana, 51031, Italy

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