I Campanili (The Bell Tower)Antonello Stupino (b. 1989)

About the Artist/Site

Since he was fourteen years old, Stupino has devoted himself to maintaining his singular sculpture: a 1.7 meter (5.5 foot) high bell tower that he constructed on the side of a secondary road in his maternal grandparents’ small village. The tower was built using simple mud taken from a nearby pond, with the Roddino village tower as a model. Because of its medium, it is an extremely delicate construction, and to protect it from the weather it has been anchored to a concrete base and covered with a plastic sheet. Only Stupino’s daily conservation ensures the preservation of this work.

The bell tower is visible from the street.

~Emanuela Iovino



mud, concrete

Map & Site Information

Roddino, Piemonte, 12050 it
Latitude/Longitude: 44.575513 / 8.015858




Roddino, Piemonte, 12050, Italy

Visiting Information

The bell tower is visible from the street.

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