Il Museo (The Museum)Carlo Tassi (1928 – 2013)

About the Artist/Site

In the large garden around his home, blacksmith and welder Tassi had, over time, created a unique private museum made up of a variety of different materials. Among these were recycled objects and antiques such as armor, cash registers, bicycles, models, and wooden furniture. But he also showcased miniature landscapes made by his brother Andrea (now no longer extant), and surrounded them with some of his most important creations, kinetic colorful works constructed out of iron and recycled materials. Recurring objects include mannequins and garden gnomes, and his subjects often focus on various means of transportation and, above all, variously shaped and scaled castles. There are also nativity and other biblical scenes, and fantastical contraptions whose function is unclear.

In the years before his death, Tassi lost the strength to take care of his garden, so it has begun to deteriorate. However, the exterior works remain mostly visible from the street.

~Gabriele Mina

Map & Site Information

27 Via Aosta
Nus, Valle d'Aosta, 11020 it
Latitude/Longitude: 45.7387974 / 7.462301




27 Via Aosta, Nus, Valle d'Aosta, 11020, Italy

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The exterior works remain mostly visible from the street

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