UFO Yard ShowCraig McGuire (b. 1946)




Depew, Oklahoma, 74028, United States

About the Artist/Site

Craig McGuire’s UFO-inspired sculptures are visible to drivers passing through Depew on Route 66. McGuire, who retired in 2008, has worked on his yard show for 15 years; he began construction in 1994 after receiving two used satellite dishes from friends. He was inspired to create a roadside attraction after seeing the success of the nearby “Shoe Tree” site. The centerpiece of the back yard is a large flying saucer composed of two satellite dishes covered in tin foil, compact discs, and salvaged hard drive platters. A Laserdisc mounted to a refrigerator shelf forms the craft’s antennae, while a dummy of the alien pilot sits on a nearby stump. Other items arranged around the property, including toy cars and rubber balls, are referred to as “mobile art pieces.” Recent additions include a large cross and a toilet with an alien mask under the lid. On the enclosed front porch, visitors can view McGuire’s extensive collection of Garfield cartoon memorabilia.

~Brett Hanover

Map & Site Information

Depew, Oklahoma, 74028 us
Latitude/Longitude: 35.802849 / -96.506121

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