Ed Root sculptures at Kansas Grassroots Art AssociationEd Root (1869-1959)


Relocated (incl. Museums)


Wilson, Kansas, 67490, United States

About the Artist/Site

Ed Root worked on ranches before moving to KS, then owned his own farm. Garden full of concrete and glass sculpture: human forms, birds, turtles embedded with colored glass and mirror, china, wire and stones. His house and garden are now at the bottom of man-made Lake Wilson. The Ed Root site no longer exists but sculptures were saved by the Kansas Grassroots Art Association and were stored in a building in Baldwin, KS (see first image) constructed by Ray Wilbur. They were moved to a permanent installation in the Kansas Grassroots Art Center, Lucas, KS in 1993.

~SPACES Archives



concrete, glass, mirror, stones, wire

SPACES Archives Holdings

1 folder: clippings, images

Map & Site Information

Wilson, Kansas, 67490 us
Latitude/Longitude: 38.82672 / -98.475406

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