Gli accumuli di Peppe Gesù [The Accumulations of Peppe Jesus]Giuseppe Guddemi [known as Peppe Gesù] (1958 – 2011)

About the Artist/Site

Guddemi, a farm laborer, was well known from the late 1980s on in Ribera and neighboring counties for his creative performances, especially those in which he drove his golden art car, covered with devotional objects and flags, dressed half as Jesus (hence his nickname Peppe Jesus) and half as Elvis.

On one of his properties in Eraclea Minoa, near the renowned archaeological site, Guddemi created various large scale fantasy figures using recycled materials such as iron, mattresses, and tires. In 2005 the site was demolished, as the artist was accused of illegal dumping.

~Gabriele Mina


Map & Site Information

Via Achena
Eraclea Minoa, Sicilia, 92011 it
Latitude/Longitude: 37.3948627 / 13.2911652


Non Extant


Via Achena, Eraclea Minoa, Sicilia, 92011, Italy

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