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4004 Homestead Rd., Bowman, South Carolina, 29018, United States



Visiting Information

The site is open to the public, and the artist welcomes visitors. It's unclear if there's an admission fee, so take some cash just in case.

About the Artist/Site

The same day Jody Pendarvis went to Bowman, South Carolina’s town hall to apply for a building permit for the UFO Welcome Center in 1994, he also picked up an application to enter the race for mayor. He never won (after three attempts), but he did take on a different political position of sorts – Earth’s alien ambassador. 

Pendarvis' UFO Welcome Center consists of two flying saucers stacked on top of each other like a two-part layer cake. The larger, bottom UFO is 46 feet wide – standard UFO size, according to Pendarvis. The smaller, upper UFO was added later as a personal vessel for Pendarvis so he can accompany his future alien visitors on their journey after their pitstop on Earth. The structures are made from castoff building materials, scrap metal, and found objects, among other things. He builds without plans (and without building codes in mind, to the chagrin of local government), and the structures appear relatively haphazard; however, Pendarvis is confident in their safety and soundness – especially after a few powerful storms ripped through town but somehow did not damage the Welcome Center. 

Pendarvis began creating the UFO Welcome Center before he had his first alien sighting. In 1999 he was leaving work late at night when he noticed two moons in the sky – one of which he realized was approaching him. “I guess it is true. If you build it, they will come,” said Pendarvis of this belated encounter. 

Though he would much prefer extraterrestrials, Pendarvis does warmly welcome earthly visitors – going so far as to put up his own billboard advertising the UFO Welcome Center on a nearby highway in 2018. He appears to be on site much of the time and will enthusiastically provide a tour. It is unclear if there is an admission fee, so take some cash just in case. We assume, however, that aliens get in for free.

–Annalise Flynn, 2023



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castoff building materials, scrap metal, found objects, etc.


Inside the Homemade UFO Welcome Center in South Carolina

Jody Pendarvis is a kooky southern gentleman who has built a ramshackle UFO welcome center in his backyard in rural Bowman, South Carolina. If aliens happen to land around Bowman, they'll be greeted by Jody, who claims he'll be able to talk to them..

Map & Site Information

4004 Homestead Rd.
Bowman, South Carolina, 29018 us
Latitude/Longitude: 33.3517993 / -80.684597

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