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SPACES is dedicated to the study, documentation, and preservation of art environments and self-taught artistic activity.

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I Am Alive! Exploring Seymour Rosen's 1966 Exhibition at LACMA

11 / 20 / 2020

Photographer, cultural advocate, and SPACES founder Seymour Rosen is well-known within the world of art environments for his dogged determination to p...

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SPACES Interview with Filmmaker Allie Light

11 / 7 / 2020

 SPACES was recently able to speak with Allie Light of Light-Saraf Films, the creators of the widely beloved series of films on self-taught artists ca...

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Exploring the Tree Cave of Ra Paulette with Jordan Quant

10 / 20 / 2020

SPACES is excited to share this guest post from Jordan Quant – a recent graduate from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and recipient of the ...

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From the Archives

Seymour Rosen's first visit to the Watts Towers in 1952 informed his emerging photography practice and set into motion what would eventually become SPACES. Check back here for highlights from our expansive collection of Seymour's work. Photo: Seymour Rosen 

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Watts Tower