Lyn Kienholz

lynn kienholz

Lyn Kienholz

Lyn Kienholz was founder and president of the California/International Arts Foundation, and a long time arts advocate. The non-profit C/IAF foundation, which she began in 1981, partners with U.S. and international museums to organize and tour art exhibitions. Other programming includes books, catalogs, lecture programs, conferences, symposia, cultural tourism, and, for the past four years, an ongoing internet programming series seen regularly by over 8.5 million people in 173 countries. 28.11% of all U.S. views come from educational venues.

Ms. Kienholz served on boards of directors for many national and international arts organizations and public galleries. Her many board involvements include: L’Ensemble des Deux Mondes, a chamber orchestra in Paris; CIMAM (Comité International pour les Musées d’Art Moderne), an international organization of modern and contemporary art museum directors; the Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art; Baxter Gallery, California Institute of Technology; and the Galef Institute, which promotes national school reform. She was a member of the SPACES Board of Trustees since 2006.

Lyn Kienholz died at her home in the Hollywood Hills on January 25, 2019. (Read more) She was 88 years old. Lyn worked closely with SPACES to ensure that all of the materials in SPACES archives were maintained together, so that they could be studied and understood in the holistic way that Rosen had approached all arts and cultural expressions.