Howard Finster, Paradise Garden

Xerox of flyer for Intuitive Art: Three Folk Artists exhibition, 1986

Letter to Howard Finster from Beth Coffelt

Flyer to SPACES/Seymour Rosen from Jeff Camp, American Folk Art Company and Victor Faccinto, Wake Forest University, 4/1981

Letter to SPACES/Seymour Rosen from Howard Finster, 12/27/1982

Letter from John Turner, Jargon Society, Inc, 1/1/1987

Draft of letter to Howard Finster from SPACES/Seymour Rosen, 12/1982

Letter to Peter F. Paul, CA Bicentennial Fnd for the U.S. Constitution from SPACES/Seymour Rosen, 10/18/1989

Information about Howard Finster Folk Art Festival at U of Richmond, 1984

Press Release for Paradise Garden, 10/27/1989

News Release about Howard Finster exhibition, 1989