Italy, 1972

Note to Judy from Mae Babitz, 4/20/1972

Letter to U.S. Bureau of Immigration & Naturalization from Paul M. LaPorte, Immaculate heart college, 10/27/1969

Information about Simon Rodia’s house (ownership and needed repairs), nd

Letter to Paul LaPorte from Jack, nd

Draft of letter to Egregio Sig. Sindaco from Paul LaPorte, Immaculate Heart College, 11/19/1969

Letter from Carmelo Rodia, nd

Letter to Paul LaPorte from T. Trezza (in Italian), 7/7/1972

Letter to Egr. Sig. Sindaco from Mae Babitz, The Committee for Simon Rodia’s Towers in Watts (in Italian), 6/26/1972

Notes on Sam, 7/1973

Various mailing addresses, nd