Villa María Angustias Antonio Martínez




Sangonera la Verde, Región de Murcia, 30833, Spain

About the Artist/Site

Antonio Martínez has been constructing Villa María Angustias for over fifteen years. Gathering discarded materials, with a special predilection for heavy blocks of stone, he continues adding materials according to his whims. He also uses mosaic techniques, but above all, he enjoys using a mixture of white cement and marmolina (a compound created from marble dust and resins) to construct columns and capitals with original forms. It has given him great satisfaction to have been able to complete this project, despite the public’s general misunderstanding of what he has been doing.

~Juan Manuel Muñoz Reinon

Translation by Jo Farb Hernández

Map & Site Information

Sangonera la Verde, Región de Murcia, 30833 es
Latitude/Longitude: 37.928701 / -1.207011

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