Rubel Castle Nomination

The Glendora Historical Society has nominated Rubel Castle (Rubel Castle Historic District) as a historic resource to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The concept of a “Historic District” for the Pharm property was initiated to encompass the original Albourne Rancho historic citrus buildings in the nomination.

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There’s hardly a complimentary character trait that does not apply to Bill Cartwright –gracious, generous, dedicated, passionate – the list could go on. The selfless act by Bill and Nick King in buying Simon Rodia’s Towers in Watts, encouraging the formation of the committee that saved them from destruction by the city of Los Angeles, was enough to make the world aware of site-specific art environments. Though many existed at the time, it was the Tower’s battle for survival that ignited interest worldwide. Bill's passion and support continued throughout his life and was the inspiration for Seymour Rosen to devote his life to document and help preserve these sites around the world through SPACES, the organization he founded, that now continues the work he started.

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Vollis Simpson dies at his home, May 31, 2013

Photo by Fred Scruton

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The Hedge Garden, Fishing Creek, New Jersey

Sometimes you discover an art environment in a box. Or at least, that’s how I first learned about The Hedge Garden—picking through a battered shoebox at a New Jersey postcard show in 1996. Bunched together were several photo postcard views of a topiary display that made me stop and take notice: the sculptured hedges were uncommonly delicate. One photo showed a privet clipper ship with masts so slender they resembled calligraphy. On the reverse of each card was stamped: “Yearicks Nursery, Tabernacle Road, Fishing Creek, N.J.”

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Dr. Charles Smith's African American Heritage Museum and Black Veterans Archive, Hammond, Louisiana

In 2000, on his way from Illinois to New Orleans, Dr. Charles Smith stopped in Hammond, Louisiana to grab a bite to eat. Wandering through town he discovered this historical marker under a mammoth live oak, and the monument below.

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Josep Pujiula's art environment threatened

As many of you know, for 45 years Josep Pujiula i Vila has been building one of the  most spectacular examples of public art in the world. Completely self-taught, he began building for his own enjoyment, yet has come to delight in sharing his work with others. At the height of its existence, his constructions—which were primarily created out of the flexible saplings that he gathered from the nearby river—included eight towers, some approaching 100 feet (30 meters) high, along with a labyrinth that snaked over the landscape over a mile (1.6 km) in length. It was a joyous work of art that was an inspiration to its thousands of international visitors each year, and it has been featured in newspapers, magazines, books, and television programs internationally.

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Welcome to SPACES!

We are so thrilled that our new website has finally gone live!

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