Donate to SPACES

Please support SPACES through a tax-deductible donation, which will support our mission and our work-Saving and Preserving Arts and Cultural Environments-through public awareness, advocacy, media attention, community education, and the operation of SPACES office and website.

Any level of support for SPACES will be greatly appreciated. Funds may go towards staffing expenses, equipment and supplies, digitization, and other operational expenses. For example, your donations could support:

$25         Purchase archival storage materials:  50 slide sheets or 5 archival document boxes

$50         Transfer VHS documentation of one art environment to digital format

$50         Digitize 25 transparencies/slides of art environments 

$100       Scan 50 documents pertaining to art environments for website

$250       Document an endangered art environment

$500       Film an oral history interview with an art environment preservationist

$750       Film an oral history interview with an art environment creator

$1000     Provide stipend for one graduate student to do research in the field

$1000     Provide stipend for one graduate student to do in-house archiving of physical documents

$1000     Increase SPACES archivist’s hours


You can contribute electronically using PayPal.



You can also contribute by mailing a check payable to “SPACES” to this address:


c/o Jo Farb Hernandez
9053 Soquel Drive 
Suite 203

Aptos, CA 95003


Thanks for Your Support!!!!

donations1“Donations Appreciated” box. Fred Smith's Wisconsin Concrete Park, Phillips, Wi. ©Friends of Fred Smith

The SPACES website allows you to save your favorite art environments and share them with your friends or colleagues. Create your own portfolio of your favorites from environments in the online collection.

Send them to your friends, post them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and tag #spacesarchives 

Look for this button on pages that can be saved:

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