Casa de Llama (Llama House)




275 Avenida General Güemes Sur, Cafayate, Salta, 4427, Argentina

About the Artist/Site

In the north of Argentina, the province of Salta is generally dry and desert-like, with spectacular scenery and rock formations. In the valleys, a significant viniculture industry thrives in such areas as the city of Cafayate, located on the banks of the Chuscha river, almost a mile above sea level. The city is also home to numerous artisans who practice a variety of trades, including work with silver, leather, wood, ceramics, and basketry.

This spectacular two-story house, built out of bricks and formed concrete by a local potter, features a two-story concrete llama and rhea, native to the area, in celebration of the local fauna. With the feet of the llama on the ground, serving as a lintel to the front door, and the ears extending beyond the roofline, the ornamentation is indeed impressive.

~Jo Farb Hernández, 2018


Map & Site Information

275 Avenida General Güemes Sur
Cafayate, Salta, 4427 ar
Latitude/Longitude: -26.0759447 / -65.9759421

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