Villino AntonellianoGuerrino Antonelli (1920 – 1995)

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Builder, painter, and decorator Antonelli worked on his home from 1958 to 1963, helped by his wife Edvige, whose name is posted at the entrance. His dream was to build a ship, but he chose to build a fancy house, decorated with mosaics and rocaille with both figurative and abstracted images. There is a mother and child, peasants working in the fields, ships, and local sea creatures such as crabs. He also used concrete to mimic wood beams.

In the backyard garden is a ten foot Yogi Bear-shaped vertical wood-burning oven; other amusing adornments include the rooftop chimneys, one of which is topped by a concrete boat, and another with an ornate castle. Antonelli was a music lover, so musical notes adorn the railing, and the gate is shaped like a harp.

Depending on the room, the interiors were painted with different patterns. Certain sections of the exterior walls and fences are also painted in bright blocks of colors.

Antonelli also produced concrete objects for sale, including balustrades, seats, and columns. His wife added to their sales income by selling crocheted laces and shawls.

The house remains in good condition and can be seen from the side of the road on Via Carini.

~Giada Carraro



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Via Carini
Botticino, Lombardia, 25082 it
Latitude/Longitude: 45.539 / 10.3026203




Via Carini, Botticino, Lombardia, 25082, Italy



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The house remains in good condition and can be seen from the side of the road on Via Carini

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