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Mario Caprioli, a bricklayer from Brescia, began building his own house in 1955, using various recycled materials. He painted the exterior walls in lemon yellow and the shutters in blue, and further ornamented the exterior with designs and mosaics made out of pebbles. Examples of his imagery included the biblical story of Samson pushing to collapse the Philistine temple, historical events such as the launching of Sputnik, and local scenes such as an ibex with the Bassano bridge in the background.  He also adorned the garden with a variety of fences and concrete seats

The house took its name from the rooftop, where Caprioli constructed an ark, complete with oars, out of concrete. It was identified with the inscription: “Water punished the bad, Noah comforted himself with the wine.”

After Caprioli’s death, the ark, which had been easily visible from the road, was removed, as were other decorations. The current appearance of the house barely recalls its original appearance, although the house, located in the San Polo district, is still owned by the family.

~Giada Carraro and Gabriele Mina

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32 Via Ponte
Brescia, Lombardia, 25134 it
Latitude/Longitude: 45.5003855 / 10.2523028


Non Extant


32 Via Ponte, Brescia, Lombardia, 25134, Italy

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