“La Maison de vaiselle cassé” (“The broken crockery house”)Robert Vasseur (1908-2002)




60 Rue du Bal-Champetre, Louviers, Upper Normandy, France

About the Artist/Site

Robert Vasseur worked  as a textile worker and a milk transporter around the small city of Louviers in France’s northern region of Normandy. In 1948 he and his wife and children moved into a small home in Louviers that he purchased with his earnings.

Repairing some damage in his kitchen in 1952, he decided to use pieces of broken crockery to decorate the area. Pleased with the result, he was inspired to continue, and ornamenting all parts of his home and garden became a creative project that kept him active for the next fifty years.

Ultimately Vasseur completely covered all walls of both the exterior and the interior of his house with mosaic decorations made from broken ceramics, pieces of glass, shells, and more. Vasseur’s images included geometric patterns as well as such representations as the coat of arms of Normandy, clocks, flowers, butterflies, and other animals. He would sometimes include the full images from relatively unbroken ceramic plates, then further ornamenting them with “frames” of shells or other materials.

In addition to the flat work on the walls, ceilings, and floors, Vasseur created free-standing structures such as a fountain, wishing well, dog house, and tower, all abundantly decorated.

After Robert Vasseur’s death in 2002, his son Claude took over the management and maintenance of the house and garden. He is working to restore and develop the site, both as a tribute to his father and in order to assure the continuation of this art environment.

~Henk van Es


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Map & Site Information

60 Rue du Bal-Champetre
Louviers, Upper Normandy fr
Latitude/Longitude: 49.2165196 / 1.1641652

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