Coco's Palais Idéal Paintings



A treasure trove of paintings of the renowned Ferdinand Cheval, known as the Facteur Cheval, the legendary postal carrier who created the spectacular Palais Idéal in Hauterives,  France, have been rediscovered. Some thirty works in oil on canvas, these paintings by the painter Coco were first displayed at the Palais Idéal in 1987. Coco was fascinated by Cheval’s work, and the paintings portray not only the Facteur himself but also his family and details of the Palais. The image used in the poster is the first known color portrait of Cheval.



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Claude Louis September 15, 2020

Merci pour cette publication concernant l'expo Coco peintre du Facteur Cheval au Palais Idéal de 1987 à Hauterives .