Under Construction: New SPACES website on its way!


We are thrilled to announce that a new SPACES website will be launched soon! Our new website platform will increase accessibility to the SPACES collection, including photos and documentation of more than 800 art environments around the world. Improvements to site functionality will include an improved user experience through streamlined navigation, searchability, and mappings — as well as being mobile-friendly! It will also give us the ability to post additional documents and photographs for each environment, thus providing a more in-depth understanding of each artist’s work as, at the same time, we continue to add new webpages for sites not yet posted. We look forward to the new website’s contributions to the growing community of art environment researchers, curators, and enthusiasts and, as always, urge everyone to share information and photos of environments you visit in your travels.


As the website is migrated over to the new platform, users might encounter issues with the functionality of the current site, including navigation, page load speeds, and Google Maps. We appreciate your patience as we usher the SPACES website into its exciting next phase. Stay tuned for the official launch announcement!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the current website or what’s coming next, please feel free to reach out to info@spacesarchives.org or contact us through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.


Photograph documenting the Watts Towers stress test, October 10, 1959


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Marcus November 20, 2019

Could you please reactivate the RSS feed for the blog and new articles, that would be great. Thank you.