Australia Glenn's Yard ShowAustralia Glenn (1912 - 2009)


Non Extant


4015 Penelope Street, Dallas, Texas, 75201, United States


unknown to 2009

About the Artist/Site

Australia Glenn’s residence just east of the South Dallas neighborhood in Dallas, Texas, was surrounded by a serene pool of a single shade of turquoise. The 1999 publication The Art of William Edmonson references Glenn’s work, stating, “The tradition [yard art] resumes in 1999 with Australia Glen [sic] of north Texas. Into the new century she carries her enclosure, mystically painted entirely in blue, the hue of heaven, for evil cannot cross the color of the sky.” While the yard in front of the house was surrounded by multi-layered, protective fencing, the consistent wash of blue and densely installed silk flowers, bird cutouts, and other nature-inspired objects provide levity to a wood and chainlink barrier that might otherwise appear austere and unwelcoming. Pink and turquoise rocks fill the gap between the first and second fences, and large pieces of scrap metal were laid against the interior as an additional layer of protection; however, the entire structure is washed in blue and topped with lush clusters of pink, lavender, pale yellow, light blue, and red silk flowers. Dozens of turquoise pots filled with bright white rocks grow the occasional weed–perhaps a controlled attempt to introduce some living plants into the arena. Even the sidewalk in front of the home is painted the same shade of turquoise like a moat. A hand-painted sign on the chain-link fence reads, “put mail in the mail box keep gate closed.” 

In 2009, artist, professor, and art environment advocate Gregg Blasdel went to visit Glenn’s environment. When he arrived, he was greeted by a neighbor who informed him that Glenn had unfortunately passed away three months prior to his visit. The neighbor also told Blasdel that Glenn lived alone and was reluctant to accept visitors, including family. Blasdel, who has visited and documented an incredible number of art environments through the years, describes her site as “one of my favorite places that I have visited and I regret never having met her.” 

For additional images of her home, see this collection of satellite photos on by Larry Harris. A recent Google Street View search shows that all of the objects and fencing in the yard has been dismantled and discarded; however, the sidewalk, concrete around the home, and even the bottom of an adjacent telephone pole remains painted blue. 

SPACES is actively seeking additional information about Australia Glenn as well as images of her art environment. Please get in touch with us at if you have details or photos to share. 

Narrative: Annalise Flynn, 2020


paint, fencing, metal, silk flowers

Map & Site Information

4015 Penelope Street
Dallas, Texas, 75201 us
Latitude/Longitude: 32.7737493 / -96.7500885

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