Driftwood Charley's World of Lost ArtCharles Kasling (1901-1985)


Non Extant


350 Picacho Road, Winterhaven, California, United States

About the Artist/Site

A 2/5 acre site listed as a California State Historical Marker.  Described by Seymour Rosen as “a kind of above-ground archeological dig with bas relief and miniature villages.  His fantasy animals, sourdoughs with donkeys and amorphous shapes populate an almost formal garden.” Celebration of Ourselves, page 135. Rock and concrete assemblages in desert area representing patriotic, religious, and Old West figures such as miniature villages and free-standing sculptures.  CA State Landmark #939.

SPACES is in the process of developing additional text to document this site. If you would like to help with this project, please contact us at info@spacesarchives.org

Map & Site Information

350 Picacho Road
Winterhaven, California us

Nearby Environments

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